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Over the last decades, the Asian continent has experienced an unprecedented boom becoming one of the pillars of the world economy today.

Convinced that this spectacular growth will continue in the future and that the process of globalization will spread to all economic sectors, the lawyers at CROCE & Associés SA have decided to make every effort to bring the East and West together.

It is for this reason that early in 2012 they founded CROCE & Associés ASIA Pte Ltd. Based in Singapore, this law firm constitutes an ideal foothold in Southeast Asia. It offers private individuals and firms easy access to the Asian markets, whilst ensuring quality global services.

For further information, please do not hesitate to visit our Website: www.croce-associes.sg


CROCE & Associés SA linked up with a Shanghai law firm in November 2015.

There is so much happening in China! Financial services are internationalising, capital markets are being liberalised, key rate and exchange rate reforms are under way and wealthy Chinese families, keen to diversify, are exploring investment opportunities abroad. All this has led our partners to create a bridge for business connecting Switzerland and China.

Of course, our Shanghai office uses its experience and local expertise to assist European firms and individuals with their Chinese relocation projects.

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“Lawyers who know both Europe and Asia.”

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