Commercial Clients

Underpinned by wide experience in the fields of banking and business law, CROCE & Associés SA is a well-informed contact for commercial companies.

It provides its advice to a wide variety of national and international firms and assists them at all stages in their development. CROCE & Associés SA uses its competence notably in the following domains:

> Living and working in Switzerland

  • Work permits
  • Posted workers
  • Social security
  • Tax declarations
  • Employment law

> Commercial agreements

  • Sales agreements and contracts for work
  • Tenancy agreements and labor contracts
  • License agreements (patents and trademarks)
  • Transportation and distribution contracts (petroleum products, etc.)
  • Service agreements (agency, brokerage, commission)
  • Financing contracts (loan, bail bond, leasing)

> Company law

  • Incorporation and domiciliation of companies
  • Management and corporate governance
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Restructuring (mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, transfer of assets)
  • Legal due diligence
  • Corporate finance (credit facilities, structured finance)
  • Tax and estate planning

> Banking and financial law

  • Preparing and obtaining permits (banking licenses, securities dealers, investment funds)
  • Organisation of banking activities
  • Financial markets regulations (anti-money laundering and KYC rules)
  • Stock exchange regulations (listing, IPO, ad hoc publicity, reporting obligations, takeover bids)
  • Asset management companies formation

> Intellectual Property

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Designs

> Maritime Law

  • Charterparty and carriage of goods by sea
  • Insurances (P&I Clubs, etc.) and collisions
  • Admiralty jurisdiction
  • Law of the sea

> Aviation law

  • Aircraft registration, financing, purchase and sale
  • Airspace and rules of the air
  • Responsibility in air transport
  • Aircraft impoundments and confiscation

> Litigation and arbitration

  • Representing clients before the authorities and administrative courts (tax authorities, competition Commission and financial market regulatory authorities)
  • Representing clients before the civil courts (employment law, commercial law, banking law and tenancy law)
  • Representing clients before the authorities and criminal courts (financial crimes and offences)
  • E-commerce disputes (mediation, arbitration, online dispute resolution, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy and deeds of arrangement
  • Mutual legal assistance in civil, criminal and administrative cases
  • Commercial mediation and arbitration

> European Union law and international private law

  • Free movement of goods, services and capital
  • Competition law
  • Transport law
  • The Rome, Lugano and Brussels Conventions